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Village Cabris

The name CABRIS comes from the Latin : capra (goat ). The village is built on a rocky outcrop at a average altitude of 550 metres, which forms one of the best viewpoints on the French Riviera, with views down to the Bay of CANNES, the Estérel hills and Lake Saint Cassien.

The exceptional location of CABRIS, the beauty of its Provençal surroundings and the wonderfully gentle Mediterranean climate have encouraged many artists to stay here and still today, many people aspire to live here.

Purchasing a house in Cabris is a good investment as very few become available.


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immobilier speracedes


Spéracèdes was once attached to CABRIS, and it is particularly appreciated for its quiet atmosphere and its warm, dry micro-climate.

This is the kingdom of the « cailletier » olive tree, an ancient and noble tree which is lovingly cultivated on the terraces stretching down the hillside towards the sea. The sweeping view is absolutely stunning.

It is quite simply a quiet, authentic village, described by those lucky enough to live here as “The village of contented people”.

As in Cabris, almost every house or property benefits from open views of the sea.


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immobilier le tignet


According to the historical atlas of Provence, Le Tignet's name comes from « Castrum Antinhaco », which means, « large farm ».

The name was given to the garrison overlooking LE TIGNET, which was first occupied by the Celto-Ligurians and then the Romans.

The village stretches from 50 to 660 metres altitude over the hillside that extends south-west from Spéracèdes, with which it naturally shares some landscape features.

The Draguignan road crosses the village, separating the new Val-du-Tignet site in the valley from the upper older residential quarter.


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immobilier peymeinade


This name comes from the « Oc » language : « pey » means hill and « meinado » means a family or group of children. This small town of eight thousand inhabitants is a busy shopping centre and it keeps a tight rein on its expansion.

The old village, perched on a promontory, is quite charming. The ancient hamlets surrounding it - which are remarkably well-preserved - are now quiet residential quarters set in the Provençal countryside.


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immobilier saint cezaire


Set back from the main roads, perched on a rocky peak overlooking the valley of the River Siagne - which is quite deep at this point - the village affords a pretty view over the Estérel hills and the neighbouring foothills of the Alps.

A group of megaliths proves the existence of a population in the Neolithic era. From 500 inhabitants in the 16th century, the population increased to 1000 in 1750 and to 1800 in 1789.

Today, more than two thousand people live in SAINT CEZAIRE, a village whose charm - which bears witness to its rural past - has remained intact.


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Saint Vallier de Thiey is the county town of the canton to which it gave its name and it boasts a Provençal character typical of semi-mountainous areas. Its altitude is slightly above 700 metres, which means it is relatively cool. The air is dry and pure.

Many megalithic sites are found around the village, proving that the area was inhabited very early on, before the Roman invasion. The village is very easy to reach and it is crossed by the N85 main road, known as « Napoleon's Route ».


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